Viagra 25 / 50 / 100 mg pills

Erectile dysfunction occurs in 40% of men over 40 due to age-related changes, stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle. The popular drug Viagra is a real salvation for many men suffering poor erection around the world.

Viagra pills

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The name of the drug comes from the merger of two words – Vigor, which means power, and Niagara – the well-known waterfall.

Viagra works best with the help of sexual stimulation like kisses, strokes, oral sex and everything that excites you and your partner. The drug may not cause an erection without foreplay.

Viagra is not only the classic blue pill – the manufacturer produces several forms of the drug, including lozenges and a tasty gel.

Do not take more than one tablet per day, avoid drinking alcohol and grapefruit juice while taking the drug.

If you have heart problems you should consult with your doctor because Viagra has a strong effect on the heart.